Getting to know us...
Opened in September 2011, Ecole Montessori Casablanca is an independent private establishment. EMC is the first and only true Montessori school in Morocco, which offers a program following Dr. Maria Montessori’s method.
EMC is recognized by its peers as a statutory school, meeting all the criteria required by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). The structure, materials, and furniture are in accordance with safety norms and educational needs.

Our Mission

As our logo states, we “Nourish the Human Potential”.


Our Vision

We work with integrity to apply Montessori as a human science in and outside the classrooms, in and outside the school, in spite of our diversity in roles, age, culture, or belief system.


With this strong vision as our drive, and a culture of collaboration and continuous self-evaluation, we seek to challenge ourselves, to learn from our mistakes and experiences, and to grow, both as human beings, and as a community.


Our Educational Aspirations

The method used in a Montessori school has a very specific goal, which is to give children the necessary tools to adapt to the world in which they are growing in and which they will be living in as adults – a different world than the one we know today. In order to do that, it is necessary to help children develop the following competences: communication, collaboration, leadership skills, analytical skills, initiative, curiosity, and imagination.


Our priority is to build within the child a capacity to think and act in any given situation, rather than give him data to memorize – which is what traditional schooling does. The Montessori child is unique, he builds himself using his own resources, and will always take full advantage of those skills. He will be able to face the unknown with confidence.


Our Work

As the pioneer in Montessori Education in Morocco, EMC seeks to spread awareness about its benefits across the country.

Within this frame it has founded Association Montessori Morocco, affiliated to Association Montessori Internationale, Montessori Institute of Morocco, and École Montessori Casablanca- CIL.
























Our Administration


Aicha Sajid : Head of school - AMI Primary Trained

Leila Ouarrak Sfez : Director of Communication- AMI Primary Trained

Domizia Trenta : Executive Manager- AMI IC Certificate

Kaoutar Bouharrat: Administrative Assistant-AMI IC-Primary Certificate

Our Teachers & Assistants


Every classroom at EMC is led by a trained and certified Montessori teacher with a strong grounding in Montessori methods and philosophy. All of our teaching staff at EMC also have a Bachelor’s degree, and some even a Masters degree.  In addition to the educational component, the lead teachers that we hire have a passion for working with and educating children. 95% of our assistants  are AMI trained, and hold AMI diplomas and certificates.




Anastasia Thikomirova

Tianka Scott-Morrisson

Banke Faloye

Valerie Saint-Amand                                                      

Varvara Zhdanova

Kheezran Siddiqui

Semina Sersinou

Allison Lide

Fairouz Boumhaouss

Yancidara Dávila López

Rens van Lieshout












Assistants, Language Specialists, Pedagogical Support:

Fatima Labsi

Sadaf Khan

Fatiha Baali

Chivestanie Mouanga

Fatima Zahra Benbenaïssa

Karima Essoufi

Jihane Almouda

Francine Oulai

Asmaa Medrioui 

Imane Laamara

Arun Rosario

Roukia Waksass

Baira Malik

Solène Chériaux

Fadoua Assouli

Attiyah Cariem

Waseem Parker



Support Staff:

Amina El Boudali

Brahim Fassa

Youssef Benhassoun

Meriem Houzila

Saadia Sabati

Hanan Lazrak

Samira Meric

Mohamed Ouazzi

Seddik Ben Rahhou

École Montessori