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The British Qualifications

The British Qualifications

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École Montessori Casablanca

Education Beyond School

School is, for most people, a place limited almost exclusively to the pursuit of academics, where children and youth absorb standardised bits of skill and knowledge in preparation for exams deemed necessary for surviving this time and age. This format of school has existed for over 200 years, regardless of children’s individual interests, abilities, personalities, or talents. Yet educational research has proven repeatedly that humans develop and learn optimally when individual needs and interests are in alignment and respected. It is possible to design an educational environment that not only meets children’s needs, but actually serves to help them grow into their best adult selves. 


At Ecole Montessori Casablanca, we stand as a school where children are prepared for a life of purpose. Here is how we envision a life of purpose: 


Life is first and foremost about knowing yourself, not only about what you know.


Life is about liberating your true nature through the expression of your creative soul, not about conformity and execution. 


Life is about togetherness, not about competition. 


Life is about growth, not about good grades. 


Life is about the experience, not about the result. 


Life is about integrating knowledge in a way that is meaningful, not about separately learning math, geography, science, and history. 


Life is about collaborating with nature, not about learning within confined walls. 


We aspire to prepare children for true happiness, one that arises out of everything they do by inculcating these traits: 


  • Consciousness: Consciousness is being fully aware of one’s thoughts and actions in the moment, and their impact on oneself, the environment, and others. Decisions made with consciousness are at the root of responsibility. 


  • Self-discipline: Self-discipline is the ability to control oneself and to make oneself behave in a particular way without external prompting. It represents initiative and organised behaviour, for self-betterment or the betterment of all. Self-discipline is the key to living to one’s full potential. 


  • Growth Mindset: Happiness and self-esteem are derived through awareness that you have given your best and that is all you can control. The state of your life stays in your control, and is not based on an external outcome. The ability to view failure as a step towards learning and growth is the mindset that is critical for living a balanced life in an unpredictable world. 


A person who lives life with these traits as character is truly : 

Ad Majora Natus  - Born for Greater Things

5th Elementary Graduation 2024

June 26th 2024

Our hearts filled with gratitude for our Elementary Graduates.

We were all touched by their inspiring words that moved us to laughter, tears, and an overwhelming sense of pride in their unique journey.

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« We must look to the children as a vehicle for bringing change to humanity. »

Dr Maria Montessori


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Pupils Ecole Montessori Casablanca
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