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Approach and Programs Ecole Montessori Casablanca


At Ecole Montessori Casablanca, we use the approved Montessori curriculum in our Primary years (1 to 6 years). Montessori education is a holistic and child-centered approach to education which takes into account all aspects of a child’s developmental needs – physical, emotional, social, and spiritual, and focuses on the whole personality of the child – the faculties of intellect, deliberation, initiative, and independent thinking. 

Throughout the Elementary years (6 to 11 years) however, it is blended with the British curriculum to ensure that students receive an education that is both true to Montessori and compliant with contemporary thinking in terms of the State and National curriculum standards.

In Secondary (11 to 18 years), the British Cambridge/Edexcel program is delivered.  However, the Montessori philosophies are still applied and are an excellent fit to the philosophy underpinning the Cambridge (IGCSE and A level) program. Pupils at Years 10 and 11 are prepared to take the IGCSE examination, then are prepared to take the A level at Years 12 and 13 (the A level accreditation is accepted worldwide and provides entrance qualifications to universities in over 200 countries).

By combining the Montessori and British philosophies, EMC is uniquely placed to provide a different approach to secondary education.  Our non-comparative and non-competitive environment develops each student as an individual, and encourages them to reach their full potential.

Why Montessori & British Cambridge/Edexcel program?

EMC has chosen the Cambridge/Edexcel program because of its student-centered, active learning, holistic and international approach to education.  Montessori and the Cambridge/Edexcel programs are closely aligned in philosophy, and also with our EMC’s mission and core values.

Montessori Qualities and the Cambridge Learner Profile are complementary.  Fundamentally, we are a school that greatly values child-centered learning approaches, with a strong focus upon the individual.  Montessori Learning Principles and Qualities, along with the Cambridge Learner Profile, are ideal vehicles to support our goals.




Engaging with ideas

Independence and Problem Solving



Appreciation of Difference

Empathy and Service

Willingness and Courage

Whole-child Development




Independant research



Open Mindedness


Open to new challenges



Pupils International School Morocco -  École Montessori Casablanca


The Montessori approach supports spontaneity, inner motivation, independence, determination, perseverance, self-control, order, and initiative.

In other words, the invaluable work habits of a free person.

In an ever-changing society, traditional schooling is not the solution. Pupils must be given the opportunity to develop tools and skills to think and act for themselves.  This is a dynamic process that involves the entire personality of the child.


EMC values each pupil’s individuality and believes in their innate capabilities. Its approach to education is guided by Maria Montessori's renowned strategies and practices, which are designed to foster the comprehensive growth and development of pupils:


  • Mixed-Aged Classrooms: The environments are thoughtfully designed to foster a diverse and inclusive learning environment. By bringing together pupils of different ages, a unique social dynamic is created, one that encourages broader social interactions and the opportunity to learn from one another. Pupils develop invaluable skills in communication, empathy, and cooperation that are essential for life.

  • Three-Hour Work Cycle: EMC believes in empowering pupils to take charge of their learning journey. Through a three-hour work cycle, pupils experience the freedom to engage in self-directed learning and plan activities based on their interests. This dedicated time allows for deep exploration, cultivating a sense of ownership and intrinsic motivation that fuels their lifelong love for learning.

  • Independent Exploration: EMC fosters independent thinking and nurtures pupils’ innate curiosity. The educational approach encourages them to explore and discover knowledge independently, honing their critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. By taking responsibility for their education, pupils become confident learners equipped with the skills needed to navigate the complexities of the modern world. 

  • Personalised Instruction: EMC understands that every child is unique and learns differently. Its team of dedicated educators provides personalised instruction, tailoring lessons to the pupils’ individual needs and learning style. They serve as mentors and guides, fostering a deep understanding of concepts and igniting your child's curiosity. With their support, the pupils will flourish academically and develop a lifelong thirst for knowledge.

Aleks Marinkovic- UK Flag - British School,  École Montessori Casablanca





  • EMC, a BSO certified school

The BSO Scheme is the UK Department for Education's voluntary inspection scheme for overseas schools. Overseas schools describing themselves as “British” are subject to recognition by the British government under the voluntary inspection scheme.

Embracing the British identity and state requirements comes with major changes in EMC’s programs. As EMC is seeking academic excellence as much as developing strong citizenship values, the choice of the Pearson Edexcel certification came as the most evident one.


  • A PEARSON EDEXCEL accredited school

Pearson Edexcel is the brand name for academic and general qualifications from Pearson, including IGCSEs and A levels, as well as some vocational qualifications.

Designed to advance learners’ skills while developing knowledge, Edexcel’s qualifications help learners either progress to higher education or go directly into employment. They are grounded in the quality and traditions of the British education system made relevant for today’s UK and international learners.

In the UK, Edexcel qualifications are suitable for a wide range of learners aged from 14 to 19.


  • Cambridge as Private Candidates

Cambridge is the brand name for academic and general qualifications, including IGCSEs and A levels, as well as some vocational qualifications.

Seeking to offer the most interesting range of options for its pupils, Cambridge IGCSEs or A levels can be taken as private candidates.


EMC offers 3 programs of excellence, all implementing the Montessori approach, in various ways.

Pupil, International School Morocco,  École Montessori Casablanca

The Montessori Program

Early Childhood :

1 to 6 years of age

COSMIC EDUCATION , British School,  École Montessori Casablanca

The Blended Program


6 to 11 years of age

House Of Youth, British School,  École Montessori Casablanca

The Progressive Program


11 to 19 years of age

The British Qualifications

The British Qualifications
The British Qualifications

The British Qualifications

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