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Aicha Sajid, Head of school,

The visit of the UK Ambassador after EMC's British School Overseas certification

École Montessori Casablanca is a young and dedicated progressive school uniting people from all continents in nurturing human potential.


EMC is aware that children are the better part of humanity, and the hope for a brighter future lies between their hands. They deserve to be loved and respected for who they are and the adults they will become. As adults, we are inclined to be their models and guide them in their quest towards understanding the world and their role within it. We must overcome any barriers that could hinder the mutual respect and consideration that ought to reign between the adults and the children.


I envision a community that is like a big harmonious family, abolishing any attitude of hierarchical superiority. The way we interact with each other must be supportive, positive, and kind, no matter our title. We are all addressed by our first name both by the children and the adults, so as to feed the sentiment that we are all equal citizens of our community.


In other words, our community is profoundly based on the Montessori philosophy. As valuable members of this community, we are expected to work together as a team in supporting its growth and prosperity.

I thank all of you for joining EMC in its spirit, mission, and vision.

Aïcha Sajid

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