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It is understood that enrollment is for the entire academic school year, which consists of a trimestrial or annual payment plan and financial commitment. Any exceptions made are at the discretion of the Head of School.

  • First trimester is due by September 8th

  • Second trimester is due by December 8th

  • Third trimester is due by March 8th

Reenrollment fees:

  • Until April 8th: 8 000 Dh

  • Between April 9th & June 30th: 10 000 Dh

  • Between July 1st & September 1st: 12 000 Dh

All payments must be made by bank transfer.

Late payment charge is 5% per actual trimester after 8th September, 8th December, 8th March.

If payment has not been received after one month and no prior alternative arrangements have been requested and approved by the Director, there may be a suspension of your child’s attendance at school until balances are paid in full. Your tuition agreement will continue through the duration of the running trimester and financial commitment.

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