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Nurture the Mind, Unleash the Potential


EMC’s mission is to nurture the future generations in ways that prepare them to be free thinkers, responsible citizens, while unleashing the intellectual, aesthetic,  physical, and emotional potential.


EMC aspires to give pupils the necessary tools to adapt to the world which they are growing in and which they will be living in as adults – a different world than the one we know today. 


In order to do that, pupils must build the capacity to think and act for themselves through the development of life skills: creativity, communication, collaboration, leadership skills, analytical skills, initiative, curiosity, and imagination.

Teenage Girls with Masks
Basketball Match
Experimenting in Lab
Students in Classroom
A Classroom Lecture
Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard
Students Taking Exams
Teenage Students Raising Hands
Smiling Student
Professor & Students
Students During Break
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