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A New Education for a New World

In our quickly-evolving and everchanging world we believe whole-heartedly at Ecole Montessori Casablanca that change is required in the way of education to equip our future generations with the necessary skills to enjoy a fulfilled future. EMC adopts a progressive teaching and learning approach as a response to traditional teaching methods, which we believe are quickly becoming outdated.


The Progressive Program is aligned with the British curriculum, which is renowned for having global recognition and well-defined key-stages for better understanding of students’ progress and growth beyond the classroom. The key-stage three to key-stage five programmes are carefully designed to foster, nurture and endow all of our students with a range of skills from creativity to critical thinking and academic prowess to ethics. We focus on experiential learning that, by extension, concentrates on developing the pupil’s talent through academic challenge and vibrant extra-curricular activities.


In addition to the core subjects of English, Maths and Science, students can opt to focus on humanities, wider sciences and practical subjects such as Art & Design and Design Technology.


We also place an importance on connectivity by taking an interdisciplinary approach where we explore how each of those same disciplines emerged during the same time period, or tackled similar themes, or created cultural change. We achieve this by running various cross-curricular themes throughout the year from Entrepreneurship to the significance of ‘Walls’ in our world – in the physical sense as well the metaphorical sense.


With respect to extra-curricular activities our students are enjoying and thriving in the following clubs and more:

•          The Great Debaters

•          Chess Club

•          The Business Room

•          Film Studies

•          Languages

•          Robotics

•          Boot Camp

•          Cooking

We also strongly believe that ‘a healthy mind resides in a healthy body,’ a motto that drives our sports programme that comprises of conventional and unconventional sports from swimming to rock climbing.


At Ecole Montessori Casablanca we are preparing our young people for the modern world through this very carefully designed programme not only to integrate social and academic development but to also simultaneously facilitate our student’s growth into pragmatic, adaptable and happy well-rounded individuals.

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