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Cosmic Education

EMC achieved British Schools Overseas Accreditation in 2022. This accreditation confirms that the school meets the standards set by the accrediting body in the United Kingdom, signifying its commitment to high-quality education and adherence to the British curricular benchmarks.

EMC’s carefully crafted curriculum objectives are rooted in the Montessori approach, prioritising effective learning experiences for pupils. These objectives form the foundation of its educational program, guiding educators in cultivating knowledge, skills, and competencies. Through thoughtful alignment of instruction and assessment, the aim is to empower pupils with the tools they need to succeed academically and thrive in the ever-evolving world beyond the classroom.

Through a thoughtfully curated approach, The Blended Program creates an inclusive and dynamic learning environment that nurtures the intellectual growth and development of the pupils. By embracing the esteemed teachings of Maria Montessori, we celebrate her rich heritage and the enduring principles that underpin our commitment to providing an education of excellence.

The blended program is divided into two stages: the lower and upper elementary.

Benefits of Montessori: Critical thinking
Ecole Montessori Casablanca


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Ecole Montessori Casablanca 6-9 years
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