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English Language Arts (ELA)

Cultivating strong communication skills, critical thinking abilities, and a deep appreciation for literature. Through engaging and thought-provoking activities, pupils develop their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. The ELA curriculum encompasses a wide range of literary genres, allowing pupils to explore diverse perspectives and develop their own voices. The ELA Program fosters a love for reading and encourages independent thought, empowering pupils to become effective communicators and lifelong learners in the realm of language arts.



Instilling a strong foundation in geometry, numerical literacy, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills, empowering our pupils with mathematical proficiency essential for their future endeavours.



Engaging young minds in the wonders of scientific inquiry, experimentation, and exploration, fosters a deep understanding of the natural world and its phenomena.


Cultivating a global perspective, the Geography Program encompasses the study of both physical and human geography, enabling pupils to understand and appreciate the interconnectedness of the world we inhabit. 


According to Montessori's philosophy, the History Program implements two different approaches: The vertical approach provides an understanding of sequence in history and demonstrates the cause and effect of different events. The Horizontal approach allows comparing different cultures while concentrating on the same fundamental human needs across different cultures. Uncovering the tapestry of human history, The History Program invites children to delve into captivating narratives, significant events, and the diverse cultures that shape our world.


Aligned with the French curriculum tailored for international schools, EMC’s educational philosophy centres around the unique needs and abilities of each student. By placing a strong emphasis on fostering language proficiency, including the essential skills of reading, writing, and effective communication, the pupils are empowered to excel in their linguistic journey. Through personalised instruction and targeted support, EMC strives to cultivate a deep appreciation for the French language, equipping the pupils with the tools they need to express themselves confidently and effectively.

Arabic as an additional language (AAL)

The AAL program is designed for pupils who are learning Arabic as an additional language and seeks to facilitate the acquisition of the language (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and to develop an ability to use the language effectively for practical communication and deepen pupil understanding of Moroccan and Arab culture.

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