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Lower Secondary French offers pupils the opportunity to develop language skills, cultural awareness, and intercultural understanding. It equips them with the ability to communicate effectively in French-speaking contexts and opens doors to diverse linguistic and cultural experiences. Pupils focus on the four key language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The curriculum emphasises the following areas:

Vocabulary and Grammar: Pupils continue to build a vast array of French vocabulary. They learn to construct advanced sentences, paragraphs and essays using appropriate grammar rules, verb tenses, and sentence structures. Pupils develop an understanding of key grammatical concepts, enabling them to communicate accurately and effectively.


Oral Communication: Pupils develop their ability to engage in spoken conversations in French. They learn to develop fluency, and engage in dialogues and discussions on various topics. Through interactive activities, role-plays, and presentations, pupils build their confidence in speaking French.


Reading Comprehension: Pupils develop their reading skills in French by engaging with a variety of texts, including stories, articles, and authentic materials. They learn strategies to comprehend written French, infer meaning from context, and analyse textual features. Pupils expand their vocabulary and enhance their reading comprehension abilities.


Writing Skills: Pupils develop their writing skills in French by practising different types of written texts, such as narrative, informative and persuasive texts. They learn to express their ideas, opinions, and experiences in writing, while paying attention to grammar, vocabulary choice, and coherence.


Cultural Understanding: Lower secondary French students explore aspects of French customs, traditions, history, and contemporary society. Pupils develop an appreciation for cultural diversity and understand the importance of intercultural understanding and respect.

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