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A LEVELS  French

Exam Board: Pearson Edexcel

The Edexcel A level in French is a highly commendable qualification that immerses students in the captivating world of French Language and literature.


The final examination, administered upon completion of the Upper Sixth Form, comprises three papers:

  • Paper One: Listening, reading, and translation (2 hours, accounting for 40% of the overall marks)

  • Paper Two: Written response to works and translation (2 hours 40 minutes, constituting 30% of the overall marks)

  • Paper Three: Speaking (21 to 23 minutes, contributing to 30% of the overall marks)

These papers assess various skills within the framework of four thematic domains:

  • Changes in French society

  • Political and artistic culture in French-speaking countries

  • Immigration and the multicultural society of France

  • Occupation and the Resistance during the Second World War

The works assigned for study in Paper Two are:

  • "La Haine" (1995, Mathieu Kassovitz)

  • "Les Mains sales" (Jean-Paul Sartre)


To enrol in this rigorous course, students must have attained a minimum grade 7 in IGCSE French.


Undoubtedly, French A Level presents a formidable challenge. The comprehensive examination of the language at such depth promises immense rewards and paves the way for numerous opportunities in the future, making it particularly suitable for those aspiring to become global citizens. 


The course necessitates quick thinking and adaptability, independent thought, fostering the ability to form individual opinions and the courage to express them without hesitation. Additionally, pupils must possess a keen eye for detail and embrace the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

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