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IGCSE Co-ordinated Sciences (Double Award)

Exam Board: Pearson Edexcel

IGCSE Co-ordinated Sciences (Double Award) provides learners with the opportunity to study Biology, Chemistry, and Physics as separate subjects within the syllabus. This qualification is a double award, resulting in the attainment of two grades.


The course is structured into three main areas of study, with chapters and lessons within each area:


Biology content:

  • The nature and variety of living organisms

  • Structure and functions in living organisms

  • Reproduction and inheritance

  • Ecology and the environment

  • Use of biological resources

Chemistry content:

  • Principles of chemistry

  • Inorganic chemistry

  • Physical chemistry

  • Organic chemistry

Physics content:

  • Forces and motion

  • Electricity

  • Waves

  • Energy resources and energy transfer

  • Solids, liquids, and gases

  • Magnetism and electromagnetism

  • Radioactivity and particles

  • Astrophysics


IGCSE Co-ordinated Sciences aims to foster learners' understanding of the biological and technological aspects of the world they live in, while cultivating an informed interest in scientific advancements. The qualification encompasses fundamental scientific principles and concepts, explores current applications of biology, chemistry, and physics, and places a strong emphasis on practical skills. It also equips learners with the necessary scientific skills for further education, such as Cambridge International AS & A Levels, or a career in a science-related field.

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