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IGCSE Geography

Exam Board: Pearson Edexcel

IGCSE Geography is a highly relevant and engaging subject that empowers pupils to comprehend and navigate the world they inhabit.

The Geography IGCSE delves deep into pressing contemporary issues, enhancing pupils' understanding of geographical processes and the intricate dynamics between people and the environment.


The subject comprises both physical and human topics, including:

  • Hazardous Earth (Climate Change & Geophysical Hazards)

  • The UK's Evolving Physical Landscape

  • Development Dynamics

  • Challenges of an Urbanizing World

  • The UK's Evolving Human Landscape

  • Geographical Investigations (Fieldwork)

  • People and the Biosphere

  • Forests Under Threat and Consuming Energy Resources

Geography appeals to individuals with inquisitive minds, as it encourages exploration and comprehension of the world around them. Key skills for success in geography include organisational abilities, strong literacy and numeracy skills or a willingness to improve in these areas, the ability to articulate thoughts based on evidence, a readiness to collaborate and discuss learning with peers, and a propensity to ask questions and seek further understanding.


The field of geography offers numerous career opportunities, including flood management, conservation, tourism and travel, urban planning, policy advising on climate change, GIS analysis, and cartography. By studying geography, pupils acquire valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied to a wide range of professions, allowing them to contribute meaningfully to addressing global challenges.


IGCSE Geography equips pupils with a deep understanding of our complex world and the critical issues it faces. It nurtures curiosity, critical thinking, and effective communication skills, preparing pupils for a variety of geography-related careers and instilling a lifelong appreciation for the interconnectedness of our planet.

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