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IGCSE Combined Science

Exam Board: Pearson Edexcel

Cambridge IGCSE Combined Science provides pupils with the unique opportunity to explore Biology, Chemistry, and Physics as separate subjects within the curriculum. This single award qualification allows pupils to earn a single grade that encompasses all three disciplines.


The syllabus is designed to foster a comprehensive understanding of the biological and technological aspects of the world we inhabit. It encourages pupils to develop an informed interest in science and stay abreast of scientific advancements and discoveries. 


The syllabus covers the foundational principles and concepts that are vital to the field of science, along with exploring contemporary applications of biology, chemistry, and physics. There is also a strong emphasis on practical skills, allowing pupils to engage in hands-on experimentation and develop their scientific inquiry abilities.


The Cambridge IGCSE Combined Science syllabus equips pupils with a solid foundation in scientific skills, which are essential for their progression to AS & A Levels. By mastering these skills, pupils will be well-prepared for advanced study in science-related fields and will be able to apply their knowledge to tackle more complex scientific challenges.

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