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IGCSE English Literature

Exam Board: Pearson Edexcel

This course offers a comprehensive exploration of the ideas, themes, and messages conveyed through literary texts. Pupils will have the opportunity to delve deeply into the psychologies of characters, unravel the motives of authors, and examine the social, political, historical, and cultural contexts in which great literary works were created. The objective is for pupils to comprehend the significant role literature plays in society and how it fosters ongoing questioning and exploration of the human experience.


Throughout the course, pupils will study a wide range of literary genres spanning from the 16th to the 21st century. This includes poetry, plays (both Shakespearean and modern), and a modern novel. pupils will develop their skills in crafting concise and extended responses to thematic and character-based questions, as well as refine their abilities in close analysis. They will also explore the historical and biographical context surrounding the texts, honing their proficiency in applying this knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of authorial intentions and stylistic choices.


The IGCSE in English Literature consists of a 60% exam component and a 40% coursework component. The exam assesses pupils' understanding of unseen poetry, anthology poetry, and modern prose. The written coursework component involves analyzing a modern drama text and a literary heritage text.


This subject appeals to all pupils who possess a love for reading, are captivated by human stories, enjoy exploring imaginary situations, have an affinity for time travel, and appreciate delving into the depths of human psychology. It serves as an excellent training ground for elevating pupils' comprehension, analytical thinking, and evaluation skills beyond the average level. pupils should be willing to embrace texts that contain subtleties, ambiguities, and belong to diverse time periods and cultural settings.

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