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The Edexcel IGCSE in French offers a valuable opportunity for pupils to further enhance the skills they have already acquired, enabling them to demonstrate impressive proficiency in spoken and written French. It serves as an excellent foundation for progression to A Level studies and is highly regarded by universities as a challenging and reputable qualification.

Within the French course, pupils will engage in activities that encompass understanding spoken and written French, as well as speaking and writing in the language. The curriculum is structured around five key themes: Home and abroad; Education and employment; Personal life and relationships; The world around us; and Social activities, fitness, and health.

French is a language that can unlock numerous opportunities in the future, making it particularly suited for pupils who envision themselves as global citizens. Studying French not only broadens horizons beyond national borders but also cultivates intercultural understanding. However, it is important to note that French can be a demanding subject, and it requires diligent effort and personal accountability in reviewing and practising language skills outside of lessons and designated study time. Similar to playing a musical instrument, proficiency in speaking a foreign language improves through consistent practice and active engagement.

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