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IGCSE Design & Technology

Exam Board: Pearson Edexcel

IGCSE Design and Technology is a subject that focuses on developing a wide range of skills essential for thriving in the 21st century. It serves as a fundamental contributor to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and often provides pupils with a tremendous sense of satisfaction when they witness their ideas transformed into reality. As the world evolves and new job opportunities emerge, Design and Technology equips pupils with the skills needed to adapt and succeed. This subject extends beyond traditional notions of "woodwork" and "metalwork" and encompasses considerations of morality, ethics, sustainability, and problem-solving.


The subject consists of both theoretical and practical components that support the two assessments.


Design and Technology is well-suited for pupils with inquisitive minds, creative thinking abilities, and a degree of self-management. Throughout the course, these skills are nurtured alongside reflective learning, teamwork, and effective communication. pupils engage in various activities such as listening, reading, note-taking, contributing to class discussions, technical drawing, mathematical problem-solving, modelling, computer-aided design (CAD), manual and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), photography, videography, and digital portfolio creation.


It is important to note that Design and Technology encompasses more than just hands-on manufacturing. While well-equipped and visually appealing workshops exist, they do not represent the entirety of the subject. The initial stages of the design process predominantly occur in the classroom, with increasing access to the workshop as pupils become prepared. Additionally, pupils should consider whether working on an extended project lasting up to a year aligns with their interests, as it entails dedicating substantial time to a single project. This style of working develops valuable skills applicable to life beyond school. Design and Technology is a unique subject that may feel unfamiliar to some pupils initially, but it ultimately proves immensely rewarding.

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